Cargo transport Pfaff: We carry your goods reliably, fast and professionally from A to B. In the process we focus on an efficient supply chain and consider every little detail in our planning. When it comes to cargo transport have confidence in Pfaff Logistik!

Cargo transport Pfaff – Which modes of transport are being used?

After considering route, urgency, price-performance ratio and distance the company Pfaff Logistik avails itself of the following options:

  • Trucks – we’ve got our own big car pool by the way
  • Freight trains
  • Cargo ships
  • Cargo planes
  • Intermodal or multimodal shipments with several modes of transport combined

Cargo transport:  Well advised with Pfaff

Our company acts worldwide and is very experienced due to its high number of successfully executed projects. In this connection we are always prepared for our customers’ needs and consider those. Time is short? We organize that! You have a difficult heavy load? We take care of it. The transport distance is far and can only be bridged by several modes of transport? We arrange that! Rely on our company’s professional employees that score with a lot of knowhow and utterly competent operation. You get a transparent insight at all our projects, too. Thus you can follow any of our planned and operated steps. You’ve got yestions? Pfaff is always lending you an ear.

The roots of Pfaff Logistik

For over 70 years our clients can always count on us. We mainly started with transports of petroleum and have since grown steadily but advisedly. In 2010 Pfaff International was founded as an internationally acting sister company. A global logistics company that stands for unlimited quality and reliability.

That’s what our projects look like.

Pfaff Logistik – Route to the future

Quality awareness, always keeping pace with the times – that’s what Pfaff Logistik stands for. Environment and climate protections, modern technologies and a great awareness for your clients – all this conforms to the company’s route to the future!