An international waybill is based on agreements from the transport contract of international road carriage. The abbreviation CMR has a French origin: “Convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route”. In a CMR waybill you will find all the important pieces of information and components of a freight contract. As such, it is a very important transport document.

This is how an CMR waybill is drawn up

At least three original copies are required, which are signed by both the freight carrier and the sender. And the text of the waybill is quite impressive with regards to its content. Almost every possible event that can happen during transport is to be mentioned. This makes the waybill a very comprehensive document.

The following details are part of the CMR waybill:

  1. Place and date of issue;
  2. Address and name of sender;
  3. Address and name of carrier;
  4. Place and date of acquisition of the goods, as well as place of delivery.;
  5. Name and address of recipient;
  6. Definition of the type of goods, as well as the type of packaging;
  7. The amount as well as the numbers of the packages;
  8. The weight of the goods as well as additional information on amounts;
  9. Statement of costs for example for freight, tariffs, extra charges, etc.;
  10. Instructions for handling tariffs, and for other official regulations;
  11. The agreement that all transports must conform to conventions, even if contents differ;
  12. Mention the prohibition of transshipment;
  13. Furthermore, costs carried by the sender;
  14. As well as collection fees at delivery;
  15. Exact information about the value of the transport goods;
  16. All handling specifications from the sender to the carrier for insurance;
  17. The time limit by which the transport has to be completed;
  18. A list of all documents handed to the carrier.

 In conclusion: an international waybill according to CMR documents the most important information of a contract of carriage. Not just in the preliminary stage, but also during transport. This transport document also serves as complete verification.

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