What is freight transport and what are its characteristics?

It’s called freight transports when goods are transported in a transport unit directly from the sender to the recipient without being stored intermediately or being reloaded. That differs freight transport from general cargo or parcel services. From a shipment weight of about 1.5 to two tons sender mostly choose forwarding by freight transport. At this dimension cost savings for omitting intermediate storage or handling outweigh the costs of a specifically disposed transport unit. Additionally shorter transit times result in further economic advantages in comparison to general cargo. Typically swap bodies, containers or trailer skips are chosen as transport units.

Freight transport by several modes of transport

In order to process a transport as cost-effective as possible sometimes combined modes of transport come into consideration. Thus for example a transport of a container by truck can be combined with a further transport by rail or ship. Especially for long distances or international transports rail and ship have proven their worth. Not least because it is associated with cost advantages. In the process of reloading not the single product changes the mean of transport but the whole transport unit. The combined freight transports also effects the environment positively because the choice of transport mode has an impact on sustainability.

Suitable car pool for freight transport

When it comes to unobstructed transports and efficient loading an unloading activities swap bodies, trailer skips and containers suit the most. Especially the process of loading and unloading can be simplified and speeded up by trucks with own lifting platforms, so called tail-lifts. Again megatrailers with extended loading height are advantageous for tall goods. A reliable logistics partner has an appropriate car pool at its disposal.

A professional and very experienced partner in this fiel das well as in combined freight transport ist Pfaff Logistik and Transport. We’ve got several trucks in our fleet like trailer skips, megatrailers and swap bodies. Our team is experienced with planning and administrating the exchange of loading devices, too. Furthermore we take care of shuttle services and just-in-time deliveries.

The team is looking forward to planning and processing your transport. Get in touch with us – anytime.