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International transport: Extraordinary transport services!? Impossible without superlatives! And that’s
what our team at Pfaff International GmbH has demonstrated so decisively. Our company sent
juggernauts on journeys. And halfway around the world to boot! There were plenty of amazing things to
note, which is why we would like to include a report on this spectacular order in our blog today.

What services do we provide at Pfaff International GmbH?

The range of different service areas could not be larger for our international transport company. As we
offer such a wide range:

  • European overland transport – Special shipments
  • Project business
  • Heavy-duty transport
  • Shipping
  • Customs services and
  • Rail transport

Especially in international transport, it is important that the various cogs all mesh smoothly together with each other.

The focus here is on the following characteristics: Creativity, skilful activity, keeping short communication paths and competent, reliable processing. Not only do our experts ensure that the freight is transported smoothly – a professional international transport company will also ensure that the paperwork is also taken care of. Among other things this includes:

  • Approvals
  • Forms and
  • other necessary paperwork

It is also necessary to monitor any difficulties completely to ensure that an international transport project
is carried out as smoothly as possible. Pfaff International GmbH has once more demonstrated its
abilities with its “Juggernauts journey halfway round the world” project. This really special service sets
new benchmarks in international transport terms.

International transport from America to Lapland

To do this, 17 dump trucks set off from America to Lapland. These juggernauts had been ordered by the
mining industry and had to be transported for deployment at their new location. But of course that
couldn’t happen all at once. For an international transport of this magnitude to work, and for the mine
dumpers to reach their new place of work, they first had to be dismantled.

Short facts

The manufacturing location and the port of shipment in America are 1,000 kilometres apart. The dismantled dumpers were carried over this distance partly by rail and partly by truck. When assembled, the vehicles have the incredible dimensions of 1,415 x 730 x 690 cm with a weight of 155,000 kilos.

And, even if their journey did start in the land of opportunity, an international transport job like this is no longer ideal for road transport, even in America.
Yet our team at Pfaff International GmbH took this hurdle impressively in their stride.

All the parts reached the port of shipment undamaged and waited for the next leg of the journey. An international shipment like this required the freight to be carried by ship, of course, where the individual parts were loaded onto Ro/Ro carriers.

International transport: What exactly is Ro/Ro?

This is a term from the freight shipping business. In full, it means “Roll on / Roll off”. In other words, this
abbreviation describes how the load gets onto the ship (either by train or truck) and how the load leaves
the ship in the same way.

Loading takes place through hatches at the rear, the sides or the bow. The ships are usually equipped in such a way that the decks cover the entire cargo area. The deck heights can be variably adjusted. This makes loading and unloading easier.

International transport by sea must be made as easy as possible for the customers.

For this reason, the loading decks can be adapted to typical vehicle heights on special Ro/Ro ships for vehicle transport. Further details about Ro/Ro…

Employees’ know-how was worth its weight in gold

After the dumpers had been loaded onto the Ro/Ro carriers, the process had to be coordinated in such a way that each separately-shipped load arrived at the North Sea port at around the same time. Then the vehicle parts were reassembled. From there, the journey to Lapland continued.

We were able to rely on the specialist know-how and good connections of our Finnish employees here. So the journey from the port to the mine near the Polar Circle was child’s play, as the transport service provider put it.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to our Finnish employees …

Henna Rosvall was the person who secured the contract in the first place. It was only thanks to her experience and knowledge of the native language that we were able to adapt our transport system to perfectly match our customer’s requirements. We were ultimately able to win our customer over with the optimum solution.

Heavy-duty transport with consequences

We can only begin to imagine how proud the individual team members must have been when this successful heavy-duty transport job led to subsequent contracts. Those responsible must have been absolutely delighted when the customer entrusted our department with another demanding task.

In this case, more than nine units are to be shipped to northern Sweden. The freight volume had a value of more than 2.5 million euros and it surely defines a really special moment in the Pfaff International GmbH company history.

International transport: Sign-off …

“We are really proud of you,” Managing Director Peter Kienle said to his team. And we, the team, have really enjoyed this great challenge. We would also like to say thank you for the trust and confidence placed in us.

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