Managing Director of Pfaff International GmbH

My motto is a quote by airship pioneer Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin: “You just have to want it and believe in it, then it will be a success”

  • Born 1954
  • Started apprenticeship at the age of 18 in an international haulage company
  • Worked in North Africa during the economic boom in the Middle East
  • Specialised in the development of reliable logistics solutions for extremely climatically and logistically demanding markets such as America, Siberia and Central Africa


Authorised Representative for Pfaff International GmbH at the Baienfurt headquarters

“Getting together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success“ – that is my motto.

  • Born 1970
  • Started apprenticeship at 16 as a working industrial mechanic, then trained to be a logistics manager with subsequent employment in Munich
  • Specialising since 2000 in national/international transports of heavy and abnormal loads as well as projects.


Authorised Representative of Pfaff International GmbH at the Lübeck Branch

My motto is as follows: “Cooler heads prevail”

  • Born 1972
  • Started apprenticeship at 21 to become a shipping agent; studied Business Administration (MBA) with subsequent employment with a shipping company.
  • Operational support of agencies around the Baltic Sea and linking of routes for shipping to Russia
  • Specialising in multi-modal transports across the Baltic Sea and worldwide


Managing Director of Pfaff Logistik RUS in St. Petersburg

My motto: “To reach the goal you have to start out on the path”

  • Born 1981
  • Spent 12 years at an international company for the transportation of oversized and heavy loads
  • Enjoys solving complicated transport problems