Pfaff International: Congratulations for 10 years of company anniversary

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Ten years ago, Priska Pfaff-Vorwig and Peter Kienle decided to take a brave step together – when they founded Pfaff International GmbH.

They started in Baienfurt with an experienced team of seven people on 1 June 2010. Our main focus was clear when we established the business, said Priska Pfaff-Vorwig.

We wanted to demonstrate our expertise in project logistics to our customers and impress them with our ability. With our decades of experience in the international transport business, our good contacts in the haulage industry and our many connections worldwide, we were extremely successful from day one and it was soon necessary to add more people to our team.

Pfaff International GmbH

The project logistics business is an extremely complex one, so our service portfolio was very diverse right from the start. Consequently, our range of services extends from Europe-wide part and full consignments and heavy goods to specialised transport and worldwide shipping. Our team organises everything, from container to Ro-Ro loading and chartering whole ships. We have established a dedicated department for transporting goods to Russia and the former CIS countries. We also have excellent connections in the air freight industry and have even chartered full-capacity Antonovs.

When we started our operations in Baienfurt, we also opened the office in Lübeck which is now managed by Guy Dienst. It focuses on shipments across the Baltic Sea as well as to Russia and Scandinavia.
A motorhome and caravan transport service was added to our portfolio in 2011 and we have already transported over 12,500 units worldwide to date.

The next expansion took place in 2015.

Since the establishment of PFAFF Logistik RUS in St Petersburg, we also have also had an office in Russia. Under the management of Ksenia Minkova, our Russian branch can already look back over five equally successful years and some extraordinary projects.

In the ten years of Pfaff-International history, we have often swapped our workplaces – and office spaces have been converted, or even extended, so we can cope with our rapid growth.

Our efforts were worth it, however, and today, twenty-four capable staff work at our headquarters in Baienfurt. Thirteen in Lübeck and another four in St Petersburg. So people from a wide range of different countries work together for us every day. With all their intercultural skills and continuous communication with each other, our team members consistently manage to find effective solutions for even the most complex challenges.

That is why we are so proud of what we have achieved so far. At the same time, we are also very grateful for the support we have enjoyed from you, our customers and our worldwide business partners. We would like to take this opportunity to extend out thanks to you. And we also look towards our shared future together with confidence.

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