The biggest cargo ports in the world

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Our theme today: Shipments. We live in a globalized and connected world, which means that distances no longer play a role. Products and goods are transported en masse to and from every continent. Playing an important role in overcoming these huge distances are cargo planes, but also the sea freight.

Today we show you the largest cargo ports in the world, and the huge amounts of freight they deal with every year. The given measured quantities refer to the number of standard containers handled. These are roughly 6 meters in length, 2,50 meters wide, and almost 2,6 meters high.

The ports of Europe are rather “small”

Even though Europe is mostly surrounded by ocean, the amounts of containers shipped are relatively small. The population density is quite high, and the coasts of Europe are shared by many countries. That is why there are many, but in global comparison small, ports. In the list of the largest ports Hamburg is in the top 20 with a 19th place.

In Germany it ranks first place with roughly 9 million containers transferred. The largest port of Europe is Rotterdam. Here, approximately 12 million containers are handled.

Cargo ports in China take the lead

The Asian economic area has been booming in the last few years, most of all China. That is why it is no surprise that we find the largest cargo ports in the world in Asia, and mainly in China. Nevertheless one North American port managed to get a top ten position: Los Angeles’ Long Beach recorded a turnover of slightly more than 15 million containers.

Dubai is also among the big 10. There, 15.5 million containers are transferred in the biggest deep-sea harbour ever created.

Qingdao in China handles roughly 17 million containers. However, this port is being massively expanded, and is expected to become the world’s largest cargo port by the year 2020. The most important place for transferring industrial products is Hongkong, which makes it into the top five with over 20 million containers.

Shipments: The biggest ports in the world

The second biggest cargo port in the world is found in the smallest state of Southeast Asia: Singapore. In more than 1.000 berths, over 30 million containers are transferred with 300 port cranes. This is topped only by the world’s largest port in Shanghai. More than 36 million standard containers are handled there. That is approximately four times as much as in the port of Hamburg.

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