„About giving something back!“ #OFFTOPIC

Posted by redaktion

Thank you all for being part of our #journey to #1KFOLLOWERS, on LinkedIn, which we reached last weekend!

We as #PFAFFINTERNATIONAL warmly invite you to take part in our #CHRISTMASCOMPETITION , which starts #RIGHTNOW !


What are the rules?!

Great question! Let us explain them to you briefly:


The next 4 blog-post pictures have some #PRESENTS in them.

Your task: Count them every time, so you´ve to stick to y(our) favorite newsfeed and post a comment with the correct amount of, more or less, hidden presents.

You´ve to be a LinkedIn member to take part in the contest. 

LinkedIn PFAFF International GmbH

The #competition is open until 22.12.2023 (11:59 PM CET).

The winner of a #CHRISTMASSRUPRISE will be informed by DM

and additionally linked in the comments.

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