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Transporting large goods and loads requires a lot of planning and know-how – even within one country. All the more wide knowledge and a lot of experience are important when it comes to organizing and performing worldwide transports. In this connection it’s important to have a reliable partner at your side.

Different means of transports for worldwide shipments

When goods are shipped within Europe they are mostly transported by truck. Processing these transports becomes more and more simpler because of abolished customs duties and standardized regulations within the European Union. At the same time however planning transports is getting more difficult by increasingly heavy traffic on highways. It’s not easy to plan and meet delivery dates exactly. Although the European road network is being expanded continuously it requires precise coordination to deliver goods at the destination on time. In this regard trucks aren’t always the most economic, fastest or only mode of transport.

Railway – Sea freight – Airfreight

Europe is a large continent with access to a lot of harbors and a wide railway network. For this reason it sometimes can be profitable to ship goods by ship or rail. In this connection a perfect coordination of transshipments from one mode of transport to the other is important.

Sea freight is mostly more cost-effective than a truck transport. Goods are often carried to the harbor in a container by rail or truck and then loaded onto a maritime vessel. This reloading must be well-planned and executed. Before the ship’s freight reaches its final destination it has to be reloaded again in most cases. Therefore exact coordination and a reliable partner are indispensable.

When it comes to railway transports it’s important to know that rail tracks are not the same everywhere. Depending on the country there are different track gauges. But that’s only one of many parameters that must be considered while planning an international rail transport.

The longest distances are covered by ships and of course by airplanes. Depending on the kind and size of goods as well as the deadline pressure airfreight can be the method of choice for worldwide transports, too.

Customs regulations and formalities

As soon as goods are being loaded, documents, waybills and certificates are issued. The carrier has to keep records of all his actions. If freight leaves the country or rather the European Union further documents are required for customs offices and authorities. In addition to export and transit documents there are commercial invoices, packing lists and transport permissions. All this requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

When it comes to worldwide transports Pfaff Logistics and Transports is the capable partner on your side. We’ve got employees with a lot of experience in planning and processing international transports, a big vehicle fleet, a worldwide agent network and a lot of knowhow for transports to Russia. There we even have got our own office. We are looking forward to your approach.

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