Container transports – we carry your goods from A to B! Here we even combine road, rail and water if necessary. In this connection it’s our claim to always find the most efficient solution. We make for ecologically as well as economically profitable transports in all respects.

Container transports – by ship

Safely from port to port and even further. The team of Pfaff Logistik organizes worldwide container transports. In case of need, by our branch office in Lübeck we are able to be on site in Hamburg, Germany’s biggest port, very fast and reliably – quasi on the pulse of events. Customs, transport insurances and more – place your shipments in the professional hands of Pfaff from the beginning to the end.

Container transports – by rail

We are the ideal contact person for you in this regard, too. In the field of rail transports we score by a lot of know-how and experience. Also, we organize the full process from rail freight yard to rail freight yard or even from door to door– including all preliminary and following works. Also for combined rail transports. A clever conjunction of transports modes to the final destination goes without saying. By the way, we are one step ahead in the forwarding industry when it comes to rail transports to Russia, too.

Container transports – by road

By our own fleet as well as our reliable partners we are always able to organize transports by truck flexibly and reliably. Even if it comes to container transports we act fast and efficiently. Of course we are also a strong partner for you for transporting extraordinary dimensions. Large and heavy loads are a part of our daily business.

Also worth knowing:

Containers are standardized worldwide. No matter if seaborne or overland, by truck, rail or ship – the worldwide adaption of dimensions makes high efficiency possible. Already in the year 1960 the first standard dimensions were defined and have been adapted to the technical progress continuously. In general containers are roughly distinguished as follows: maritime container, living container, sanitary container, reefer container, office container and some other special designs.

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