• Transport of standard and abnormal loads to Russia and the former CIS states
  • Combined transport by truck, rail and ship
  • Outstanding knowledge of foreign languages and cultural skills
  • Knowledge of country-specific arrangements
  • Customs and warehouse services
Russland Transporte per LKW und Bahn, Sondertransporte und Schwertransporte
Russland Transporte per LKW und Bahn, Sondertransporte und Schwertransporte
Russland Transporte per LKW und Bahn, Sondertransporte und Schwertransporte


Pfaff International has always been strongly represented in Russia. In other words, from the very beginning, goods have been transported to Russia and back. The same goes for the former CIS states. As a result, Pfaff can draw on years’ worth of knowledge in this field.

Therefore the decision to open an office in Russia was simply a matter of logic! Pfaff’s particular strengths in Russia, incidentally, are the fields of project business and heavy load transports. This necessitates an enormous amount of knowledge of a wide variety of topics.

On account of this we have six native Russian speakers employed at our offices in Germany. In addition there are four native Russians employed at our St. Petersburg subsidiary. Every one of them boasts a high level of professional knowledge, lots of experience and a passion for their work. This ensures that every request is always dealt with in the best possible way. In Russia, for example, it is a big advantage if you maintain constant contact with the relevant offices and administrations and have a good knowledge of your field.

With Russian transports, Pfaff Logistik guarantees high levels of flexibility, expertise and transparency. Consequently the costs can also be calculated quite accurately.

There is a typical Russian proverb: “Терпение и труд всё перетрут”, which in English means something along the lines of “Little strokes fell great oaks”. It is this motto that our Russian employees follow every day in their work.

This, in short, is why you should trust Pfaff Logistik when it comes to Russian transports.

Russian Transports and Customs

Much like transports to Russia, we are also experts with regard to customs.


about Russia:

The Russians are a superstitious people. Accordingly, tradition and culture are still of great importance here. If you travel across Russia from east to west you will have covered 9,000 kilometres. You will also have crossed 11 time zones. As well as this Russia has borders with 14 other countries, thus giving it the longest border in the world. What is more, Russia has access to 13 seas, while the Volga is Europe’s longest river. The people actually call it “Mother Volga”. Lake Baikal is an impressive 1,673 metres deep, thus making it the deepest – and also oldest – lake in the world. In addition, with around 146.8 million people, Russia is a very populous country. The variety of climates in Russia is quite extraordinary. It has a bit of everything: temperate, cold, polar, sub-polar and tropical.

It is said that Russian proverbs are the most expressive in the world: Here are a few examples:

Береги нос в большой мороз – Mind your nose in the frost!

Лучше быть первым парнем на деревне, чем последним в городе – It’s better to be the first boy in the village than to be the last in the city.

С сильным не борись, с богатым не судись – Don’t fight a strong man; don’t take a rich man to court.