• Europe-wide part loads and full truck loads
  • Curtainsiders, mega trailers and semi-trailers
  • Special trailers such as flatbed and telescopic trailers
  • Temperature-controlled foodstuff transports and also
  • Transports with special securing of cargo, e.g. for paper transport

We offer these services across Europe and also to Russia and to the countries of the former CIS.



Very few people give a thought to how goods arrive at their destination on a daily basis. In fact it is seen as the norm that desired products are available on-time, all the time. Yet this requires high-performance logistics.


Many goods are still transported overland. Here, the truck is still the most important transport carrier. For these transports, Pfaff International deploys both its own vehicles as well as vehicles from its reliable international network. As a result they can meet all requirements reliably and react to demand at short notice, anywhere. Overall the market is continuing to grow steadily due to free trade and exemption from duties in the European Union; hence importing and exporting can be done without difficulty.
European overland transports ensure an unlimited choice of products.

European land transport ensures a limitless supply

Overland transport is important because it moves machines, building materials, foodstuffs, clothes and much more to every corner of the continent on a daily basis. Therefore this is a big challenge due to the fact that deliveries must always be made on time and without any problems.

Many special transports are also necessary for this. For example, temperature-sensitive goods are transported in so-called refrigerated trucks. In addition, some machines are classified as heavy or abnormal loads and likewise must be transported with suitable special vehicles which usually require special licenses.

Also some goods are picked again and repacked during transport. This also requires a high degree of organisation and know-how.

European Overland Transport –
A Good Transport Route

Across all of Europe and beyond its borders there is a well-developed transport network. In 1921 the first German autobahn was constructed and since then the road and autobahn network has been growing steadily. Despite this, because of the ever-growing volume of traffic, it is a big challenge for haulage companies to get their freight to its destination on time.

In most cases they succeed. However, to achieve this they need lots of experience, extensive professional knowledge – which is especially important in the planning stages – and reliable partner companies. In this process, first-class organisation and clear-sighted planning are the main duties of a competent logistics company. This transport management also includes the on-time booking of suitable truck ferries to England, Ireland or Scandinavia for example.

Behind every European overland transport carried out by Pfaff International there is years of experience combined with thorough professional knowledge.

Is transport generally not possible by road due to the heavy weight of goods? We are also specialists for abnormal loads and heavy loads, multimodal transports and shipments.



Pfaff is an experienced company that carries out worldwide logistics projects and transports. We also apply modern computers and our trucks are equipped with latest appliances and laptops. When doing our planning for our clients we don’t only focus on the most cost-efficient transport but also on environmental aspects. If you have something big to move we are very looking forward to get in touch with you and we are looking forward to your inquiry.