• Export customs declarations and preparation of documents for exportation
  • Inspection of preferential treatment and preparation of movement certificates
  • Correspondence with customs offices
  • Support with applications of all types
  • Assistance with customs-related questions
  • Handling of import duties


At Pfaff International, we provide comprehensive customs services as well as transport. Whether you only need advice or the execution of said services. When freight is shipped to a third country, there is always a pile of forms to fill out and regulations to be followed. Hence, when importing and exporting, everything has to be documented. Likewise, the regulations and restrictions of the respective customs authorities and the respective country must be observed. In the same way, a huge amount of professional knowledge is needed to avoid unpleasant surprises. In short, it’s good to have a competent partner at your side.

Customs Services for Import and Export Procedures

All goods which are exported to, or imported from, a non-EU state have to be cleared through customs. Accordingly, they need to be declared at the appropriate customs office and cleared there. Where necessary, duties and taxes need to be calculated.

For exports to a third country, goods need to be declared for export at the appropriate customs office with the aid of commercial invoices and packing lists, also taking account of export restrictions. After the goods have been inspected and cleared by customs, a so-called export accompanying document is issued with which the goods can then be exported. There are also countries which have agreed amongst themselves to allow preferential treatment for certain goods. In such a case, little or no customs duties are incurred at customs clearance. Supplier’s declarations and certificates of origin verify whether or not goods are entitled in individual cases to preferential treatment. If the goods are passed, they are issued with a corresponding movement certificate.

Independently of this, however, every time goods are imported from a third country, import sales tax must be paid. Where the import duty is paid can vary. In the case of imports to an EU member state, the duty on the goods is either paid directly at the office of entry or the goods are transported further by customs transit with the relevant transit papers. The duty is then subsequently paid inland, at the recipient for example. In any case, when carrying out imports it is necessary to have a duty deferment account, either of your own or through a service provider, through which your import sales tax and duties are processed. In addition, these can also be paid to the customs office in advance.

Customs Services – Why Pfaff International Is the Right Partner for You

There are many important things to consider in the importing and exporting process. This is because customs regulations are complex, costly, and at times confusing. Pfaff International can offer you comprehensive services in this regard and is always on hand with help and advice. The team is always up-to-date with the latest knowledge, meaning they are always expertly equipped to deal with your demands relating to importing and exporting.

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