• Advice on suitable transport methods and routes
  • Integrated organisation of heavy cargo and high-capacity transports
  • Route analysis and acquisition of permits
  • Implementation of traffic management measures
  • Sourcing of mobile cranes and loading teams

We offer these services across Europe, to Russia and to the countries of the former CIS, as well as overseas.


Suitable and wide fleet of tractors and trailers


Well trained to be able to react to all eventualities


Well thought-out organization with a lot of experience and specialist knowledge


Checking the routes and obtaining permits


Large and heavy load transports are always a particular challenge Perfect planning and organisation involve extensive professional knowledge of the wide variety of transport methods, knowledge of suitable transport routes, and also reliable partners. To this end it is essential to continuously train employees and maintain networks.

With Positive Thoughts and Pfaff International – Worldwide from A to B

What exactly is needed to carry out a problem-free XXL transport?

  1. Suitable vehicles, in other words a big fleet of high-performance tractor units and trailers of various sizes and with a variety of equipment;
  2. Well-trained drivers and escorts who can react competently and confidently to any eventualities during a transport;
  3. A well thought-out organisational plan which is drawn up with plenty of experience and professional knowledge;
  4. An examination of all transport routes and the acquisition of appropriate permits.

Detailed Explanation:

The completion of all heavy and abnormal load transports requires a wide variety of tractor units and trailers. In addition to a suitable transport fleet, reliable partners are also essential. Here, technical know-how is imperative as it allows us to choose the right vehicle for each specific requirement. Alongside factors such as regulatory requirements, it is also necessary to consider economic factors and to find feasible solutions.

Only properly trained drivers and escorts are fit to bring a heavy load transport safely and competently to its destination. Here, drivers and escorts form a well-practised team that stays on top of things, even in difficult situations. This means that incidents can be avoided, thus guaranteeing an economical, punctual and trouble-free delivery. The drivers and escorts who work on behalf of Pfaff International dedicate themselves every day to ensuring this.

Organisation and planning are half the battle. This can be extremely substantial, particularly in the implementation of heavy and abnormal load transports. The route needs to be meticulously checked and planned, while permits need to be acquired and regulatory restrictions observed. In the run-up, predictable delays on the route are researched and taken into consideration in the route planning. Any escort vehicles which may be needed must also be made available. At bottlenecks, particularly in built-up areas, it may be necessary to dismantle or turn signs or traffic lights. If it is impossible to get through by a direct overland route, it will even be necessary to organise mobile cranes, loading teams and barges. The Pfaff International team will take care of everything – we offer an all-inclusive, worry-free package.

The implementation of route analyses and the acquisition of permits require comprehensive knowledge. Firstly the technical requirements and route knowledge must be in place, and secondly extensive road traffic and licensing regulations have to be taken into account. But here at Pfaff International, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll Let the Pictures Do the Talking

Check out Pinterest to see pictures of our successfully completed heavy and abnormal load transports. Here, too, you will find a selection of some (exciting) completed assignments in our picture gallery.