Freight shipping … The center are always the international shipping ports.

Shipping ports are important transshipment points for goods of all kind. The size of shipping ports is measured by the weight of transshipped goods or the amount of handled containers. Which ports are at the forefront and which are not?

China has got a particular importance when it comes to the biggest shipping ports in the world. This country has extraordinarily large harbors that transship big amounts of goods. In general most containers are handled in Asia.

Biggest shipping ports in the world:  Shanghai is at the forefront

Most goods are handled at the port of Shanghai in China. That this harbor could rise to the biggest one in the world is associated with the junction of several facilities about ten years ago. In 2015 36.5 million containers were handled at the port of Shanghai – thus 100,000 containers per day. In the previous year 35.3 million containers were handled at this harbor. On the second rank of the biggest ports there is Singapore. In 2015 30.9 million standard containers were handled there. Consequently this highly modern harbor is an important spot of transshipment between Asia and Europe. It has got more than 1,000 berths for cargo ships. Strictly speaking the port of Singapore consists of several harbors, but the most important container transshipment spot is the actual Port of Singapore.

Freight shipping – Chinese ports come in first

Shenzan which is the second biggest port in China is following on the third rank with 24.2 million tons of handled containers. In the previous year it has been 24 million tons of containers. In the past years the handling of containers increased steadily. On the next rank Ningbo-Zhoushan is following which is also a Chinese shipping port. The ports of Ningbo and Zhoushan integrated each other in the year 2006. In 2014 20.6 million shipping containers have been handled at this harbor, in the previous year it had been about a million less.

20.1 million containers had been handled in Hong Kong in 2015 which makes this port the fifth biggest container port in the world. The port of Hong Kong has been a very important shipping port for a long time.

Europe is not at the forefront

On the list of biggest shipping ports in the world the European harbors are relatively cut off. The biggest European port is Rotterdam thanks to its comparably good accessibility. In this Dutch harbor the amount of handled containers is decreasing. In 2015 there had been 12.2 million containers, in the previous year there had been 70,000 more. The biggest German port is by far Hamburg. In the international comparison its only on the 19th rank. 8.9 million containers had been handled here in the year 2016 – a slight plus of one percent compared to the previous year where the amount has been 8.8 million.

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