Special transport required? Heavy freight? Definition: Whenever weight, width, length or height of transported goods exceed the allowed limit according to the law it’s called a special transport. Consequently permission is required for each of these transports.

Heavy freight – the challenge

There is a lot to consider. Even in the planning you have to proceed precisely and carefully in order to find the best possible available route.

In preparation of the transport you have to check exactly which vehicle is suitable for the transport, too. Therefor a lot of technical know-how is required. Which tractor truck is the right one? Or which trailer?

Subsequently transport permissions must be obtained which requires a wide spectrum of knowledge by the person in charge.

Furthermore the planner has to investigate in detail if any obstacles are expected on the designated route. Urban traffic lights and signs are only one example. Sometimes they have to be removed for transports.

Heavy freight – worldwide transports

Of course not the same laws apply to every country. That’s why a lot of special knowledge is required in this regard, too. By the way, Pfaff Logistik is a full professional when it comes to transports to Russia and even owns an office in St. Petersburg.

Transports by several modes of transport

Also multimodal transports, thus when freight switches the mode of transport once or several times, are tricky when it comes to special transports. The more experience and know-how the service provider has the better!  Because there are a lot of details to consider in this connection.

At Pfaff your special transport is in best hands

Planning, consulting, perfect organizing, processing with skilled drivers –at Pfaff Logistik as your partner you get all this. The company always finds custom-made solutions that match the optimum. No matter if large and heavy loads, multimodal or intermodal transports – the team of Pfaff Logistik knows its stuff. Furthermore it has got a lot of partners in many places and thus is perfectly networked.

Heavy freight – Pfaff, we take your freight to its destination safely!