The World of logistics companies

Logistics is more than just transporting goods from one place to another. Logistics starts with planning and finally ends with documentation after delivering the goods to the recipient. Therefore it involves transportation, warehousing, handling, consignment, sorting, packaging and distribution of products and goods. That’s why logistics providers have to bring along multiple competences.

What does logistics mean?

The word originates from ancient Greek and is translated with “practical numeration”. That means logistics is more than just mere transportation. Further important components of logistics are planning and warehousing, too. That’s where numeration comes into play. Long-lasting and comprehensive warehousing means a lot of stock requirements and high costs. Low inventory might lead to production deficits as well as high losses and costs. Therefore the task of a logistician is to exactly schedule storage and supply of products and goods – always cautious to minimize the costs. Thus logistics is about transportation and warehousing just as transport planning and processing. In this connection considering the costs is always an important part, also when it comes to choosing suitable means of transport and combining several modes of transport.

Logistics companies today

In recent years a rapid transformation has started in the logistics sector. Driven by ongoing networking and new technical possibilities, innovations for transports, just-in-time deliveries and warehousing have arisen. Logistics 4.0 is today’s keyword. For example trucks are networked with their next loading site so that waiting time is as short as possible after its arrival. By GPS the exact location of goods can always be tracked. By optimal networking and date exchange trucks can report their vacant capacities with a hub immediately and thus empty trips can be avoided. Such networks as well as flexibility will speed up even more in the coming years.

Pfaff Logistik is an experienced company that carries out worldwide logistics projects and transports. We also apply modern computers and our trucks are equipped with latest appliances and laptops. When doing our planning for our clients we don’t only focus on the most cost-efficient transport but also  on environmental aspects. If you have something big to move we are very looking forward to get in touch with you. We are looking forward to your inquiry.