Logistics Service: More and more people are moving towards big cities. Consequently so-called Mega-Cities are formed. There are already more than 300 cities that have more than 1 million inhabitants. However, this trend has massive consequences. No matter where you go or where you are in these highly populated areas – everything is overcrowded. Streets are permanently overloaded – traffic jams the reality. This is only amplified by the current consumer behaviour. Online orders become more and more common. This means that more commodities and goods are delivered directly to your home. And this demands fast and smooth delivery.

This is not only seen with products such as clothing, food products, and toiletries, but also with transport of larger freight. Even though the contractors are usually corporations instead of private individuals, the demands remain the same.

You do not need a lot of imagination to understand that this creates several problems.

Logistics Service – what is the answer?

The sector has been contemplating this for a long time, and the approaches to a solution vary widely.

Truck-Platoons: Multiple digitally connected trucks driving autonomically in convoy. This saves fuel and wage, and also reduces the risk of accidents. Only when entering the city will the driver take control again. This allows for very precise, and anticipatory planning.

Automated warehouses are the future: Robots and humans working hand in hand. This would increase productivity in order picking.

Environmentally friendly trucks and delivery vehicles: Large goods are delivered with trucks, smaller ones with delivery vehicles. The postal service for example is already largely using electric vehicles. However, how this is supposed to go with trucks in cities is not totally clear yet. The heavyweights are, in terms of efficiency, range, and capacity, not yet ready to be converted to purely electric systems.

Night-Logistics: Most people sleep at night, meaning the streets are almost empty. Delivery at this time is therefore a tempting alternative. However, low-noise vehicles are a clear prerequisite for this.

For smaller goods drones may be put to use. Amazon and DHL are currently testing this.

Logistics Service at Pfaff:

Our medium-sized logistics company operates nationally as well as internationally. State of the art storage areas measuring a total of 12.000 m2 in three different locations, combined with equipment outfitted with data-radio and scan technologie, allow us to meet the highest customer requirements. Individual logistics solutions are part of our every day work. Our very own vehicle fleet with over 50 vehicles that exclusively drive on Bio-Diesel and meet the EU 6 standards, as well as about 50 employees guarantee the highest quality.

Image source: Pixabay