Russia Transports: After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia is now the biggest succession state of the former USSR. Consequently it has become a major import and export partner of the West.

Since 2000, when Wladimir Putin took office, the transport infrastructure has significantly improved. This means that shipments between Russia and Germany have become much more efficient.

Transport to Russia with which carriers?

Many goods are transported between Russia and Germany by road. For this, a road network stretches for over half a million kilometers.

However the exchange of goods also goes through water. Russia has many seaports and waterways. The most important inland ports are Jaroslaw, Saratow, Archangelsk, Cheboksary and Perm. The largest seaports of the Baltic Sea are found in St. Petersburg (where Pfaff Logistik has its own subsidiary) and Kaliningrad. Russia is bordered by five seas, and as such there are many more important ports.

There is also a broadly developed rail network in Russia nowadays, and consequently many goods are transported by train. Goods hailing from Eastern and Western Europe are often transported by a combination of trucks and trains.

What about tariffs?

Russia is a so-called third party country and because of that goods have to be tariffed. It is good idea to commission a transport company which takes care of all customs clearance and tariffs. Here at Pfaff Logistik, for example, we have our own subsidiary (as mentioned above) with Russian speaking employees in St. Petersburg, who are all very experienced with the required procedures and authorities.

Forwarding companies for Russia Transports – You’re in good hands at Pfaff

Lots of factors have to be considered when planning the transport. Even though the birds are chirping already and spring is returning here, parts of Russia are still stuck in the winter season. Furthermore, there are 11 time zones in Russia. There are also several bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. There are even different railroad track widths in Russia – thus, there are many factors to consider and take into account. You can rely on the excellent Pfaff team for this!

In short, Pfaff Logistik is, among other things, a specialist for Russia transports. A comprehending knowhow, on-site employees, and years of experience makes Pfaff your perfect partner. We guarantee the highest professionalism and efficiency.

Image Source: Pixabay