Here you can find important abbreviations for charges in sea freight. For example, what is meant with THC in sea freight?

What is the CAF in sea freight

The Currency Adjustment Factor, short CAF, is actually a term from liner trade. Always when sea freight is to be paid in a foreign currency a percentage is added to the sea freight in order to balance changes in currency exchange rates.

What is BAF in sea freight

The Bunker Adjustment Factor, short BAF, is a bunker surcharge formerly established because of strongly fluctuating oil prices. Through this surcharge ocean carriers balance eventual losses for their overseas shipments emerging from fluctuating fuel prices.

What does ISPS in sea freight mean?

The so-called ISPS surcharge is a charge that emerges from an increased security effort. Additional costs that seaports have due to these efforts must be paid. The abbreviation stands for International Ship and Port Facility Security. Did you know? That surcharge originates from 9/11. After this incident the need for security has grown also in seaports.

What is THC in sea freight?

THC is the abbreviation for Terminal Handling Charge. These are additional costs in sea freight that are imposed by the shipping company. Through this charge container handling at the shipping yard is paid, in fact before it is loaded on board of the transport ship. More precisely it is for unloading trucks but also for the transportation from the unloading site to the container loading bridge.

Advantages of sea freight

In this regard transport costs are still an unbeatable advantage. Huge container ships can carry unimaginable amounts of volume and weight. Accordingly thousands of truck loads fit on one ship.

Sea freight at Pfaff Logistik

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