Today, the transport company from Baden-Württemberg Pfaff Logistik compiled a retrospect for you. Here you can find a summary of interesting and useful information and events that have made a difference for the transport and logistics industry in 2017. Additionally, we will give you an insight of trends and developments that the sector will probably keep ready for 2018.

Retrospect 2017

Autonomous driving has been a late-breaking topic the whole year 2017 and will not lose importance in the upcoming year either. Quite the contrary. The truck manufacturers have been and will keep on working on that subject at full speed. Also, the freight forwarders have an interest in this advancement. Autonomous driving provides possible savings of 20 to 30 percent. Economic driving in a truck train (so-called truck platoon) on highways and the use of slipstreams make additional fuel savings of 10 percent possible. Furthermore, it’s supposed to reduce the accident rate. In 2017, important tests have been carried out in this field by manufacturers in whole Europe. In the upcoming year this development will certainly not lose its importance either.

The topic city distribution has been a big one, too. Due to fast-growing mega cities and their increasing demand for goods from online mail order companies there is a need to rethink logistics. Solutions on how to deliver goods in consideration of noise, environmental protection and traffic jams have been searched. First ideas have been developed and will take shape and be tested soon.

weltweite Transportunternehmen

The deepening of the Elbe respectively its delay has cause da lot of fuss, too. The port of Hamburg even registered a growth stagnation because of that. Cuxhaven and Otterndorf as well as Elbe fishermen and coastal fishermen had filed a lawsuit against the projected deepening of the Elbe. The last lawsuit in this regard has been dismissed by the Federal Administrative Court on 19th December. Thus, the juristic controversy has been settled. Finally, the river section from the port of Hamburg up to the river mouth with a length of 120 kilometres will probably be excavated. By the way, this mammoth project has been planned for eleven years already.

Transports to Russia

Russia transports have been on the upswing. This resulted from the ongoing recovery of the banking sector and the unbroken demand for raw materials. It has been an advantage for us, Pfaff Logistik, too, because we are true professionals when it comes to Russia transports. We even keep a subsidiary company in St. Petersburg.

Transporte von Russland nach Deutschland

In June the topic digitalization has been predominant in the transport sector – especially in Bavaria. There, forwarding companies demanded a faster connection to the internet. The regional association for Bavarian freight forwarders came to help. The network structure has been improved. But all in all, it went forward very slowly. Unfortunately, that applied to whole Germany. But the support for digitalization in transport and logistics will be retained in order to maintain Germany’s competitive ability on national and international markets.

Forming a rescue lane

Forming a rescue lane has been an important concern in 2017. Big campaigns were launched to ensure that rescue vehicles are always able to reach the place of accident fast. With billboards, stickers and TV spots as well as numerous videos on social media dedicated people showed how a rescue lane is formed correctly. We too, Pfaff Logistik, your transport company from Baden-Württemberg, had written a blog article about it and published it on several channels. Therefore, we wish that, in the meantime, this concern has arrived in the heads of everybody.

Transport company from Baden-Württemberg – what will happen in 2018

Digitalization is and will be a big subject. Furthermore, within the framework of inner-city logistics the potentials of underground goods delivery will be highlighted. By the way, Switzerland with its project named Cargo Sous Terrain is a pioneer in this field. Also, the technology Blockchain as well as the topic Supply Chain Management will probably be found on the agenda for 2018.

Transport company Pfaff Logistik from Baden-Württemberg – how does our new year look like?

We added another storey to our head office and, as a result, have more space for the upcoming year. Proudly and motivated we will move to our new office premises and keep on taking care in 2018 that all of your goods will reach their destination reliably, unobstructed and on time.

We thank all our valuable clients for their confidence and are looking forward to a successful year 2018!

Transport company  from Baden-Württemberg Pfaff Logistik – photo of our new storey:

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