transportation and logistics

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transportation and logistics – international rail transports are often tricky. In the railroad network there are different track gauges, depending on the country. Thus appropriate #trains and waggons that fit onto the tracks are needed. It’s good to have a service provider like Pfaff Logistik at your side who is familiar with this field. Our services: railtransports within Europa as well as to the former CIS states, container transports by rail, multimodal rail transports and transshipments of all kind, goodstraffic.

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We provide advice concerning the topic #customs and as well arrange an unobstructed customs process. If freight is sent to a foreign country a lot of paperwork has to be done. In this connection a professional partner on your side is very useful. The service of Pfaff Logistik contains not only #customs services but also support with authority applications of all kind. As an expert concerning customs we go along with you from the beginning to the completion of your project.

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Pfaff International we take your freight to its destination safely and reliably. What do we offer? We organize European land freight as well as transports to the former CIS states. Withal transports of heavy and oversized loads are a special strength. We are familiar with worldwide project shipments. Also #seafreight and rail transports are a waltz for us. You need customs services, too? We arrange everything for you!

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Heavyloads are always an exciting challenge for logistics companies. Therefor you need a wide expert knowledge and long lasting experience. Suitable trucks, well-trained drivers and an optimal scheduling are essential requirements. If big, heavy or long, Pfaff Logistik has got a competent team that is able to ship everything for you. Here we let the pictures speak for themselves:

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Did you know? About 80 % of the global trade revenue is currently forwarded by ships. Therefor competent specialists for #seafreight solutions are needed. Wide expert knowledge, a reliable agency network and a lot of experience are the requirements. Pfaff Logistik complies with all these conditions and in addition offers a comfortable all-round service. See for yourself!

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Forwarding of goods on the road way: Only few people know what a logistic masterstroke it is to get goods to their destination daily. Pfaff Logistik guarantees a reliable and unobstructed delivery in the field of European Landfreight. We take care of part and full truck loads (LTL and FTL), organize temperature controlled transports, dangerous goods transports, heavy loads and much more. Additionally we offer a lot of services for the former CIS states. Did you know? Pfaff – we are the specialists.