For specialized transports like heavy goods transport, extra large goods, or time-sensitive transports you need a special permit, as these are not part of the Road Traffic Permit Act. Even in Germany that alone is a challenge for logisticians. But what about specialized transports in Europe? Certainly more complicated, because country-specific differences in permits are vast. To precisely know these differences is decisive. This is the prerequisite for a successful project execution. Whoever lacks this knowledge, can’t undertake such transports.

Challenging in Germany – even more complex in Europe.

Lots of information is required for a permit request in Germany. Among others: sender and recipient details, licence plates, number of wheels per axle, cargo dimensions, axle loads, and distance between axles. Even the track width and the exact transport route is required. The processing of the request with the permit, or the rejection, in Germany can sometimes already take three weeks.

For Europe-wide specialized transports all of this gets even more complicated. Because for each country separate permits are required. Italy makes a good example: over 8.000 authorities are responsible for managing the road network. For logistics companies who do not know these, specialized transports can quickly become a massive undertaking. However, for logisticians specialized in international transport this is part of everyday business. As such, Europe-wide specialized transport should only be handled by them. Because experience is what counts here. The know-how acquired from this is irreplaceable.

At a glance: For specialized transports within Europe you need a huge amount of permits. International logistics companies requests these for their customers. They also organise and manage the documents that result from such transports. Important: professional logisticians always recommend the most suitable routes!

Specialized transports in Europe – the specialty of Pfaff International!

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