Global ecological transport solutions thanks to trucks running on natural gas?

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Global Transport: Trucks running on natural gas are an exciting subject for green logistics. Because in comparison to diesel trucks they emit about 16 percent less carbon dioxide, 99 percent less fine dust particles, and 70 percent less nitrogen oxides. Furthermore, the noise pollution is supposedly approximately 3 percent less. In other words, could natural gas fueled trucks be a promising solution for transport all over the globe? This can probably be assumed, since sustainability is a very important requirement, which these trucks fulfil.

Natural gas fueled trucks – Aldi Süd are the forerunners in Germany

Aldi Süd is making a first attempt in germany. The discount store put four natural gas fueled trucks into operation on the 7th of june. They are equipped with a 400 horsepower engine, and with a tank capacity of 130Kg CNG. The producer Iveco states that these vehicles can drive for 500 kilometers before having to refuel. Aldi Süd is initially only deploying the natural gas trucks in the areas of Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart. A fundamentally difficult challenge, especially for global transport solutions: an appropriate filling station infrastructure. This will first have to be created. But once this is the case, the ratio of natural gas vehicles will rise rapidly. How ever that is very desirable.

Conclusion: For global transport solutions the use of natural gas trucks is conceivable, if the infrastructure is right. Not just because this could economically be the future of logistics, the ecological arguments are very convincing as well. Because in comparison to diesel trucks, natural gas fueled trucks emit significantly less carbon dioxide, fine dust particles, and nitrogen oxides. Furthermore, the noise pollution is supposedly approximately 3 percent less. Good arguments in favour of natural gas trucks in our opinion!

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